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2 maanden geleden
Fox Mc' Lox
Fox Mc' Lox - 21 uur geleden
It's Weird Seeing Mickey in a Death Battle...
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá - 21 uur geleden
Akuma vs Lord Raiden
Lucky TJB
Lucky TJB - 21 uur geleden
I cant believe how wrong they are every time
John Falkenrich
John Falkenrich - 21 uur geleden
Quick question..... Which one has his own TV show? That says it right there. Was there really ever any doubt Flash wound win?
MASON MCCANDLESS - 21 uur geleden
4:31 And I thought Diamond is Unbreakable. (enter rimshot)
Amber Plays
Amber Plays - 21 uur geleden
Ah yes the two purple emotionless peeps are duking it out
GEDDYisNEJI - 21 uur geleden
AssassinHowl - 21 uur geleden
You know Yen Sid is just Disney spelt backwards?
Samuel Villalobos
Samuel Villalobos - 22 uur geleden
carnage vs lucy | (marvel vs elfen lied) | death battle!
Cobeoe - 22 uur geleden
Hang on what about doc he never appeared he was kind of a blue more than a red
Samuel Villalobos
Samuel Villalobos - 22 uur geleden
Thanos Vs Darkseid | (Marvel Vs Dc comics) | Death battle!
Brandon Olson
Brandon Olson - 22 uur geleden
I know this has nothing to do with Mickey, but I really want a death battle between Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey. Anyone else want to see that battle or just me? I have been wanting them to do that battle for 3 years now and it hasn't happened yet. If they do decide to make this possible who would you choose? I'm literally stuck in between the two of them that I wouldn't know who to pick because these two characters are my favorite characters from the Marvel comics. Please tell me your thoughts if you come across this comment.
BJgrand - 22 uur geleden
The music during the fight was excellent. Really added to the atmosphere
optimus prime
optimus prime - 22 uur geleden
I dont feel guilty
Aaron Lherisson
Aaron Lherisson - 22 uur geleden
Every comment I see: Kingdom hearts and Oswald Me: Will Mickey get to use his paintbrush? That might make the difference to thin out Yoda's attacks...
Егор Яшков
Егор Яшков - 22 uur geleden
Yes victory for BROLY
Martin Loredo
Martin Loredo - 22 uur geleden
If In 2024 miky is not on the show I’m going to be pretty disappointed
Kapangyarihan ni Aries
Kapangyarihan ni Aries - 22 uur geleden
Thor can defeat Shazam bec he can manipulate lightning? One of the letters in shaZam name is ZEUS who is the "Father" of all "Gods", do we need to say more about manipulation of lightning?
Tiernan Quirke
Tiernan Quirke - 22 uur geleden
what about a robin free for all?
spiderbeetle studios
spiderbeetle studios - 22 uur geleden
"Hello there stranger welcome" I was just tryna be nice 😢
Rrezarta Meti
Rrezarta Meti - 22 uur geleden
Like to see what chief can do against against doomguy after doom eternal who has basically turned into saitama 2.0, just defying logic and has basically turned into a god
edouard robillard
edouard robillard - 22 uur geleden
Goku is deafeat nowhere
GamersOtakusUnite - 22 uur geleden
People always act like death battle is well researched. This is the truth guys. Just 4 regular online guys debating and have some bias. Just like every other online people XD
Bowkxian - 22 uur geleden
The fact that the average height of charizard is close to mine is bizarre
Duelist - 22 uur geleden
ok let me put an end to this debate: Sonic can win, but that depends on the battle conditions. And Sonic fans, VS debating is mostly subjective, you don't have to agree and that's perfectly fine. As for which character is better: If we look at the facts, Mario's pretty much than Sonic in every way. But i feel like the reason Sonic is so beloved, is because of the appeal of the series and that it always tries to be ambitious. While Mario puts gameplay over everything else, its why he is so succesful.
Christian Noel
Christian Noel - 22 uur geleden
And this is why I hate superman, superman literally can’t be defeated and also Goku’s power level is also limitless he just can’t access it whenever he wants, he has to be defeated before he can become stronger
Miguel Jandre
Miguel Jandre - 22 uur geleden
Esse canal é uma m****
You You
You You - 22 uur geleden
Stan lee said the it's the writers thing to who he wants to win the other or the other
Virtual - 23 uur geleden
I don't think anyone if the fighters deserve such brutality
DexRIP - 23 uur geleden
Noah Cooper
Noah Cooper - 23 uur geleden
Gray is immune to ice in devil slayer form so the time stop wouldn't work, or it would've still been effective on tatsumi, but since he was resistant to cold it didnt work
Giril Reyhan
Giril Reyhan - 23 uur geleden
Wargreymon really just dragon balled charizard
Big booty Boi
Big booty Boi - 23 uur geleden
Deadpool vs scorpion???
Kaison122 k
Kaison122 k - 23 uur geleden
I’ve been saying kingdom hearts goes with Star Wars now give me a star Wars world and a lightsaber keyblade
TB96 - 23 uur geleden
This aint gonna end well...
Dino Gt
Dino Gt - 23 uur geleden
Would xeno goku beat superman?
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta - 23 uur geleden
I seen this in comments but I was happy when Toph won then after watching naruto 🍥 am like wow just wow they mostly likely chose a weak old old weak weak 20 percent power of gaara gaara should have won
Christian Løvig
Christian Løvig - 23 uur geleden
what are you doing charizard is win war greymon is mega noob you a stup it noob greymon
NightShard - 23 uur geleden
Okay who else dropped their jaw when they found out gamma is hell magic?
Loucee - 23 uur geleden
bruh this is so not accurate sitama should have won in that punching borage with superman
Analyze - 23 uur geleden
for season 2 they need to use the winners from the 1 season
Nadia Hooks
Nadia Hooks - 23 uur geleden
ACE GAMING - 23 uur geleden
This video is not applicable after 2019 DMC5 tho XD Its just the opposite now vergil has POWER anyways it was correct till 2017
Roshan Kumar
Roshan Kumar - 23 uur geleden
84k dislikes..looks like you've pissed off some ben 10 fans😂😂😂😂
Jean paul Latouf
Jean paul Latouf - 23 uur geleden
You know you should make irene belserion vs kaguya
Marcelo Sandoval
Marcelo Sandoval - 23 uur geleden
King Mikey's power is just match by the size of his wallet
kish45 - 23 uur geleden
The next death battle after this one should be Salem from Rwby vs Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures even though Shendu would win.
aven_is_okay - 23 uur geleden
Deadpool is the little spoon
ACE GAMING - 23 uur geleden
Just needs a little motivation.... after that we will settle the matter
Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner - 23 uur geleden
ChemicalXII - 23 uur geleden
Mickey Mouse is going to beat the sh!t out of Yoda. Mickey Mouse should have fought Bugs Bunny or something.
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch - Dag geleden
Isn't that I did this suggestion?
Ahmad S
Ahmad S - Dag geleden
10:06 211cm isn’t 8’9 ??????
Scarfy - Dag geleden
Legit same reason as spiderman vs Batman lmao
Grace miramontes
Grace miramontes - Dag geleden
Can you guys do Melodies from the seven deadly sins vs Asta from Black clover
Sam Royter
Sam Royter - Dag geleden
Kid naruto and sasuke vs gon and killua
Roman Ortega
Roman Ortega - Dag geleden
i still think sonic is better
Big booty Boi
Big booty Boi - Dag geleden
Dead pool vs scorpion???
Renegade Gamer
Renegade Gamer - Dag geleden
Cant wait for Deathbattle to just up and have Yoda get Merc'd by Mickey with the half assed Calcs n research they do..
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes - Dag geleden
Oh so y’all just gonna put a GOAT against a GOAT like this.....ok......let me get some popcorn and a drink 1st
Maguma - Dag geleden
Mickey vs. Bugs 2024 confirmed?
Broadway the skeleton
Broadway the skeleton - Dag geleden
I saw cloud in their season 8 trailer. Current final fantasy Cloud vs BOTW Link?
Blake Cox
Blake Cox - Dag geleden
I didn’t even watch the video yet and I know that Batman has no chance against freaking scorpion from Mortal Kombat
Chidori Susano'o
Chidori Susano'o - Dag geleden
kinda late but this whole video is cap hiei weak af sasuke will clap him in 30s
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley - Dag geleden
Mickey wins, he owns Star Wars
Howler's Domain
Howler's Domain - Dag geleden
Free Star Wars from the corporate chains of disney! Free it yoda! 😆
Dying_for_your_touch - Dag geleden
You guys should do doomsday vs nemesis for your next death battle or Deathstroke vs Taskmaster or Deleon from infamous second son vs smoke from mortal Kombat.
Kira nya Yoshikage nya nya
Kira nya Yoshikage nya nya - Dag geleden
yet another lost for marvel, ive watched 5 marvel losses already lmao
liongamer rellgames rules
liongamer rellgames rules - Dag geleden
when her head fell off i was happy i liltrey said yay
The Black Renaissance
The Black Renaissance - Dag geleden
I wonder if Rock Lee could learn the Kamehameha wave?🤔
Ultratype - Dag geleden
I think we can all agree that this is the only Death Battle where the outcome is actually accurate and factual.
Ng Yoke Ern Ryan
Ng Yoke Ern Ryan - Dag geleden
unfair he got car
CopPorn snacc
CopPorn snacc - Dag geleden
Transmart vs Gandum