The Worst of the MCU | DEATH BATTLE Cast #169

Chad takes his chance to remind everyone how much Ironman 3 sucks. Spoilers, it sucks real hard. This episode is brought to you by Bespoke Post (Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and enter the code BATTLECAST at checkout) and EveryPlate (Get 3 weeks of EveryPlate meals for only $2.99 per meal by going to and entering code cast3) This episode aired March 11, 2020.
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Looptijd: 40:20


vhan75 - 9 maanden geleden
Man, this is unfortunate; so I decided to watch every single Death Battle Cast because it got to a point where I found myself watching every new one anyways. The only problem is, the cast is legitimately so chill and easy to put on at any point that I'm already to a point where I've seen every DBC up until the most recent ones I intentionally left because I knew I was getting to this point.
And now I'm here and soon I'll be re-caught up and then I'll be done and then I'll just be real sad. :v(
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime - 11 maanden geleden
"worst of the MCU". wow. this video has been outdated before it even hit youtube! captain marvel has already rightfully taken that title when it hit theaters.
Gwenpool - 10 maanden geleden
Chad: your wrong, it’s Iron Man 3! And if you don’t agree with I will attack you on social media in the same way I attacked the people who say that the SW prequels are better than the SW sequels (Yes this is something they actually did and they suffered no consequences)
Quazire Jones
Quazire Jones - Jaar geleden
Sadly for me, I'm one of those people who felt that maybe- just maybe- the movie would have been better with the big bad being Iron Monger 2( Ezekiel Stane) instead of the Mandarin.
smart move Stephen
smart move Stephen - Jaar geleden
69 lol
Tyler Reid.05
Tyler Reid.05 - Jaar geleden
the shield hero from the rising of the shield hero vs Captain America
Joey Belts75
Joey Belts75 - Jaar geleden
Deadshot vs taskmaster I know I’ve been repeating this request but I never seen deadshot die ever and even deathstroke couldn’t kill him and same with taskmaster he can out fight any I’m the marvel universe except Deadpool
Frankie Cedeno
Frankie Cedeno - Jaar geleden
I want Chad’s angry dissertation on Iron Man 3 after rewatching it and taking notes and I want someone who likes the movie to be there.
Buster Wolf
Buster Wolf - Jaar geleden
Please do:
1. Erza vs Saber
2. TMNT vs Battletoads
3. Miles Morales vs Damien Wayne
4. Deadpool vs Alucard
5. Sasuke Uchiha vs Uryu Ishida
6. Jaune Arc vs Patroklos
7. Blake vs Panne
8. Kakashi vs Aizawa
9. Joker (P5) vs Protagonist (Astral Chain)
10. Star Butterfly vs Steven Universe
Ironic Muse
Ironic Muse - Jaar geleden
I can't really see Iron Man 3 has the wrost MCU movie when all three Thor movies exist
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan - Jaar geleden
I guess it sets up for infinity war
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan - Jaar geleden
@Ironic Muse meh your call I guess
Ironic Muse
Ironic Muse - Jaar geleden
@Yusuf Khan Rag has some cool moments but the writing isn't good. Like the whole thing about how Thor's hammer just channels his powers makes no sense and is a huge plot hole to the first Thor movie and even Endgame.
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan - Jaar geleden
@Ironic Muse eh I guess your right but not really
Ironic Muse
Ironic Muse - Jaar geleden
@Yusuf Khan No one has a constant personality except Korg because its just Taikia playing himself. Also they just kill of major characters with no real care.
Michael Amann
Michael Amann - Jaar geleden
Spiderman Vs fire fly not rlly a good idea but i have plenty and i jist rlly love spider man
joey lovekk
joey lovekk - Jaar geleden
DC'S Jinx's (teen titans) vs Marvel Domino (dead pool)
Robby Kunkel
Robby Kunkel - Jaar geleden
Future death battle idea Apocalypse VS Darkside who would win that battle.
thanasis chris
thanasis chris - Jaar geleden
Infrared SG
Infrared SG - Jaar geleden
There should be an entire playlist/mini series based around these rants
Steven Kasten
Steven Kasten - Jaar geleden
Iron man 3 does not suck. It is a good movie😊😊
AgSkywalker Garcia
AgSkywalker Garcia - Jaar geleden
No questions?
TheTweenGamer TweenGamer
TheTweenGamer TweenGamer - Jaar geleden
Do Damien Thorn vs Brightburn aka Braden Brayer
Murilo O Pensador
Murilo O Pensador - Jaar geleden
Make Atom Vs Ant man. Please
John Toast eater
John Toast eater - Jaar geleden
Do venom vs the t1000
bct782007 - Jaar geleden
Please create infamous vs prototype death battle
anthony avina
anthony avina - Jaar geleden
I was thinking of the decks battle with Jigglypuff
Don Quixote
Don Quixote - Jaar geleden
Whitebeard vs Saitama Death Battle
Mohd Firdaus
Mohd Firdaus - Jaar geleden
Please do Hashirama Senju vs Groot / Poison Ivy / Man Thing / Swamp Thing
Fakenit66 - Jaar geleden
NO! *Darkwing Duck vs Howard The Duck!*
ReseRese Attention
ReseRese Attention - Jaar geleden
#KravenTheHunter vs #Bane
ReseRese Attention
ReseRese Attention - Jaar geleden
#Dante vs #Blade
ReseRese Attention
ReseRese Attention - Jaar geleden
#TheMask vs #TheJoker
NachoChacho57 - Jaar geleden
Guys you gotta do mephisto vs malebolgia(marvel vs DC? Not sure who owns spawn)
Kinsley Nguyen
Kinsley Nguyen - Jaar geleden
Thor vs Shazam
Elija Donaldson
Elija Donaldson - Jaar geleden
I hope y’all see this but y’all should do Dracula(castlevania) Vs Dracula(hellsing ultimate
AdmiralEnzo TV
AdmiralEnzo TV - Jaar geleden
Everyone may i have your attention please! Please help me by suggesting Jinbe(OnePiece) vs Kisame (Naruto) in the suggestion link. Thank you in advance.
Daniel Smith IV
Daniel Smith IV - Jaar geleden
MCU is dying right now. The SJWs are raping it hard.
disney era power rangers
disney era power rangers - Jaar geleden
Not really.
ace trainer52
ace trainer52 - Jaar geleden
Vision vs mmh
Andres Inniss
Andres Inniss - Jaar geleden
Spawn (Image Comics) vs Dark Schnieder (Bastard!!)
Joe 527
Joe 527 - Jaar geleden
Some Good Fight /Death Battle Ideas
Deviljho (Monster hunter) Vs Indominus Rex (Jurassic Park/World)
Two large dinosarur that have a Endless Hunger and Agression
Cirno (Touhou) Vs Hydregon (Pokemon)a Joke About a Ice Fairy Type Fighting a Dark Dragon Type
Dragonoid (Bakugan) (Idk if OG Or Reboot) Vs Greymon (Digimon) much more even and Fairer then Charzard vs Greymon
Yang Sha Long (RWBY) Vs Doomfist (Overwatch)
No Words needed talk to the fists
JL Oclarit Piñez
JL Oclarit Piñez - Jaar geleden
pls make scarlet witch vs jean grey..
Lil Jeremy
Lil Jeremy - Jaar geleden
Hoss Delgado vs Brock Samson
ՙՙ ՙՙ ՙՙ ՙՙ
ՙՙ ՙՙ ՙՙ ՙՙ - Jaar geleden
Can you pls do a deathbattle beetween goku vs saitama
FungsWEY - Jaar geleden
Spawn vs the crow please
Brian tron
Brian tron - Jaar geleden
Meta knight vs
Kumar Dhruv
Kumar Dhruv - Jaar geleden
Plz do ban of 7 deadly sin vs wolverine
Mathí García
Mathí García - Jaar geleden
Corrin vs Aquaman (Fire Emblem vs DC)
Lucina vs Trunks (Fire Emblem vs Dragon Ball Z)
can you guys do tai lung from kun fu panda vs shin from kung fu panda 2
AceGaming _YT
AceGaming _YT - Jaar geleden
John wick vs Jason Bourne
The CrimsonZeke
The CrimsonZeke - Jaar geleden
Y'all should do a "Geralt vs Trevor Belmont"
Moody Blues
Moody Blues - Jaar geleden
The CrimsonZeke how bout Joseph joestar vs Trevor belmont
Mondo Moya
Mondo Moya - Jaar geleden
Cheetah(DC) vs (MARVEL)Sabertooth
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod - Jaar geleden
Red Hood vs. the Winter Solider
Lightning And The Thunder
Lightning And The Thunder - Jaar geleden
U should do Ronan vs steppenwolf
Ford Fox
Ford Fox - Jaar geleden
Why haven't you guys done a death battle between spawn and ghost rider yet?
Dead - Jaar geleden
So I was thinking about it....
Zacian Vs Great Grey Wolf Sif?
fearmannie0601 - Jaar geleden
Can you do Spawn vs Scorpian plz
Andrew Grengs (Student)
Andrew Grengs (Student) - Jaar geleden
Renamon 565
Renamon 565 - Jaar geleden
Geralt vs talion
(The witcher vs lord of the rings)
Bill cipher vs thanos
(Disney vs marvel)
Harley Quinn vs Negan
(Marvel vs the walking dead)
Leprechaun vs chucky
(Leprechaun vs child's play)
Relwof Kram
Relwof Kram - Jaar geleden
Can you do a Genji from overwatch vs Zer0 from Borderlands?
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence - Jaar geleden
My ideas
equests for death battle competitors:
krieg(borderlands)vs.anyone I just want KRIEG
Scarlet witch(marvel)vs.crybaby(K-12)
Zer0(borderlands)vs.snake eyes (gi Joe)or genii(overwatch)
Kraven(marvel)vs.the judge(far cry newdawn)
Kingpin (marvel)vs.killbane(saints row )
And Finally
left 4 dead special zombie battle royale (tank,witch,hunter,smoker,jockey,
spitter,bomber, ect.
deshaun fortune
deshaun fortune - Jaar geleden
You guys were find with them not only white washing but completely changing the mandarin!?
Dion Black
Dion Black - Jaar geleden
Yugi vs. Pokemon
black love
black love - Jaar geleden
Altaïr vs Ezio
thebigEdziu - Jaar geleden
Stay healthy people and watch yourselves !!
William B-H
William B-H - Jaar geleden
Shannon Sparkman
Shannon Sparkman - Jaar geleden
Do Ghost rider vs Freddy Krueger
Jayar Ramos
Jayar Ramos - Jaar geleden
Rock lee vs speed o sound sonic
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Jaar geleden
Do red hood vs punisher ( Dc vs Marvel
Delphine Medicine Horse
Delphine Medicine Horse - Jaar geleden
Godzilla vs Evangelion unit 1
3bdo Pop
3bdo Pop - Jaar geleden
I want to see a death battle about hulk Vs Potemkin in the Guilty Gear
Ahmad Khader
Ahmad Khader - Jaar geleden
Can you make a ben10 vs max steel
Kabuto 07
Kabuto 07 - Jaar geleden
Doom Slayer vs Devilman, who would win?
Doom Slayer specializes In killing Demons, but Devilman can run at a fast mach speed and can kill fast by tearing or burning opponents, me personally I would thinks Devilman would win, but others would most likely say Doom Slayer.
Javier Guzman
Javier Guzman - Jaar geleden
DBX The Hulk vs Zangifed (Marvel vs Capcom) please
CARLOPRO 27 - Jaar geleden
Stupid beach
Samurai-zoid 0
Samurai-zoid 0 - Jaar geleden
do The God of War VS Asura the Demi god
Hugh HueyRex Rexiford
Hugh HueyRex Rexiford - Jaar geleden
Enji Todoroki vs. Mereoleona Vermillion! My Hero Academia vs. Black Clover
CorgiCriminal - Jaar geleden
Deathstroke vs Taskmaster
Black adam vs Broly (dbz)
black widow vs cat woman
muhammed gamal
muhammed gamal - Jaar geleden
John marston (red dead redemption) vs jesse mccree (over watch) 😁😁
Javon Smart
Javon Smart - Jaar geleden
Can we see Batman vs taskmaster
Dev Khiran Ravichandran
Dev Khiran Ravichandran - Jaar geleden
guys,, REQUEST : can u make natsu from fairy tail vs yamamoto from bleach... or atleast drop down a speculation... pretty please ?
The king Dedede
The king Dedede - Jaar geleden
Please do a king dedede battle

Jones Bro
Jones Bro - Jaar geleden
Do naruto vs deku
Glados92 - Jaar geleden
Kratos( god of war) vs Asura (Asura's wrath) pls
Cooltrain Gaming
Cooltrain Gaming - Jaar geleden
Do ghost Rider vs spawn
RGC gonzalez
RGC gonzalez - Jaar geleden
Milodas vs Naruto
YPawaN XZ - Jaar geleden
Doctor Strange Vs World Mort
DeLaRosa399 - Jaar geleden
Heracles Fate Night UBW vs Zaraki Kenpachi Bleach
Mario Babic
Mario Babic - Jaar geleden
You guys have to put Martian Manhunter in a death battle.
Jacob Sutton
Jacob Sutton - Jaar geleden
Jimmy neutron vs Dexter plz
KamrienTheBeast - Jaar geleden
Hulk vs. Solomon Grundy
Aaron - Jaar geleden
Hey DEATH BATTLE do one punch man VS the mask
Garrison Goldberg
Garrison Goldberg - Jaar geleden
How about this: Marco Diaz (Star vs the Forces of Evil) vs Ruby Roundhouse (Jumanji)
Aayush Mehta
Aayush Mehta - Jaar geleden
Up next on death battle: Ebola vs Corona Virus!! Who will win the REAL DEATH BATTLLEEE!!
AgSkywalker Garcia
AgSkywalker Garcia - Jaar geleden
Aayush Mehta ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!! HELL NO!!!!!!!!!
Gafra Avril
Gafra Avril - Jaar geleden
Caster Gilles de rais vs Betelgeuse romanee conti(Fate zero vs Re zero)
Jack - Jaar geleden
Please do a death battle with Alex Mercer from prototype vs Albert Wesker from resident evil
afg - Jaar geleden
Do an arthas the lich king death battle
CalvinKalisto - Jaar geleden
I have this great idea of a DeathBattle Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Vs Danny Phantom. Please tell me what you think.
Nellie Navarro
Nellie Navarro - Jaar geleden
Nellie Navarro
Nellie Navarro - Jaar geleden
Kevin Jong
Kevin Jong - Jaar geleden
DEATH BATTLE: *sponsors Everyplate*
Blue Apron: TRAITOR!
GunlessSnake - Jaar geleden
Why am I imaging Everyplate as Finn and Blue Apron as that one Storm Trooper from *The Force Awakens* now? XD
The MysticGod1587
The MysticGod1587 - Jaar geleden
Issei Hyodou VS Ryuko Matoi
FDZ Goku
FDZ Goku - Jaar geleden
Hey death battle can you make a video of a death battle can you do Hit vs DIO???
Little Ramsies 10,000
Little Ramsies 10,000 - Jaar geleden
Drobot(Skylanders) VS Axl(Mega Man X)
Ralph Leonard Villanueva
Ralph Leonard Villanueva - Jaar geleden
Can you guys make a death battle of Eren Jeager and Kirito please...
Oh Lyte
Oh Lyte - Jaar geleden
Elsa vs frozone
SuperPokemonStars - Jaar geleden
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez - Jaar geleden
So, a majority of the cast is just them discusing how bad iron man 3 is and some other mcu movies that aren't that great? Fine by me.
Alec Cito
Alec Cito - Jaar geleden
I want dbx back soon